Learning from history


We’ve just started one of my favourite units in Science:

“Learning from history”

This unit is divided in two periods: Prehistory and History:

preTitle Prehistory is the period that began when humans appeared on Earth and ended with the invention of writing.
The prehistoric people were nomads because they lived in small groups and moved constantly in search for food. They ate wild fruits and animals they hunted and fished.
They lived in caves and built tools, weapons and ornaments with bones and stones. His greatest discovery was fire.

To know more visit: Back in time: Prehistory and Antiquity


History is divided in four stages:
Antiquity (Ancient History). Earliest civilizations with writing.
The Middle Ages. Began about 1500 years ago.
The Modern Age. It started about five hundred years ago.
The Contemporary Age. It started about two hundred years ago and extends to the present.

Click on the pictures below to learn more and play


The next one is in Spanish but is an amazing time machine that will help you to travel back to the different periods

Roman civilization belongs to the Old Age and emerged in present Italy.
The Roman population consisted of free men and slaves. Slaves were owned by other people that made them work very hard.
The capital of the Roman Empire was Rome and it was ruled by an emperor. The language of the Romans was Latin.

Many Romans lived in cities surrounded with a wall. To carry water from one city to another they built aqueducts, (in Segovia is one of the best preserved).
In the Roman cities were different types of building such as circuses, theaters, amphitheatres, temples, markets, public baths,  justice buildings, etc..http://
The cities of the empire were connected to each other by causeways.

Do you want to visit a Roman house? Just click belowjhjh


During the Middle Ages in Sapin lived together the Islamic and Christian civilizations.
The Muslims came from North Africa, his language was Arabic and their  religion was Islam.
The Christians Kingdoms occupied the north of the Iberian Peninsula. Christian society was formed by the king, noblemen, peasants and monks.



 The Modern Age

The modern age begins with the discovery of America and ends about two hundred years ago.
In the Modern era established new shipping routes and trade developed.

The age of exploration was about exploring america and discovering new lands. There were seven people who was in the age of exploration one was Christopher Columbus who started the age. Ponce De Leon who wanted to discover the fountain of youth. Vasco De Balboa who first saw the pacific ocean. Vasco Da Gama who sailed over the cape of good hope. Amerigo Vespucci was looked for signs of China and India. Ferdinand Magellan who first traveled all over the world. Lastly, John Cabot who first went to Newfoundland, Canada.


The Contemporary Age

This age is the one in which we live. In the early nineteenth century, the invention of the steam engine. This invention was applied to the industry and it was able to make many products in a short time. We also used in transportation the steam engine to make  trains, cars and planes.

Great advances have been achieved  since then like:
Medical advances such as radiography, antibiotics, anesthesia or vaccines.
Technological advances such as the automobile, the airplane, the rocket, computer, television and appliances.
Advances in lifestyle with schools that serve all children, homes for the elderly people , hospitals …


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