Autumn leaves


2013-11-13 10.35.291

Autumn is here and our playground is full of leaves.

This beautiful scenery (our playground) and some activities I’ve seen in pinterest gave me the idea to do this craft.

It’s an easy one and children loved it.

First it all we used white cardboard paper and we placed some pieces of crepe paper (in different colors) in the pattern we wished. We let our imagination run wild with this technique.We made random patterns and  it was lots of fun.


Then we sprayed liberally with water. The more water we sprayed on the crepe paper the more intense the color transferred.

1164 1206






We pressed down to make sure the water penetrates and we left them for 10 minutes. After that we removed the layers and we let them dry and We waited until the next day to paint the trees.


Using the black/brown watercolor and a paint brush, we painted a tree trunk on our horizon line. Then we dipped our paintbrushes into the black/brown watercolor and we made some little puddles at the top of our tree trunk.  With our straws we blew the watercolor up and across our paper to make branches.  We continued making puddles on our trunks or on branches and blew the watercolor in various directions.

2013-11-05 15.44.01
When it was completely dried  (it didn’t  take long) we collected  some dry autumn leaves from our playground. The leaves were very dry so they crunched up nicely. We crunched our leaves and we glued them where we wanted the leaves to be. And… it was done! Aren’t they pretty?

2013-11-13 10.35.381

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