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Lord of the flies


This year we are preparing our new play called “The Lord of the flies”. It’s a play based on a novel written by William Golding. We’re adapting this play for our students.

I’ve found a video in youtube with the review of the novel. Hope you find it interesting. Enjoy it!


We Won First Prize!!!

Dear friends!!

Bibliotecas EscolaresI’m pleased to announce that……..

We won the “XX Certamen de Teatro Escolar de la Comunidad de Madrid” contest!!!

Among 20 schools from all over the Autonomous Community of Madrid, we have won  1st PLACE AWARD with our play called “Eloisa is under an almond tree” an adaptation of a play written by Jardiel Poncela “Eloisa está debajo de un almendro”. We also won the Best Performance award!!!

THANK YOU ALL for your support and enthusiasm, without you guys our team has always been incomplete !!!!!!!!




Book day!!


World Book Day is a yearly event on 23 April, to promote reading. This “Day” was celebrated for the first time on 23 April 1995.

It is celebrated on this date because is the anniversary of the birth and death of William Shakespeare, the death of Miguel de Cervantes, Garcilaso de la Vega (El Inca) among any other authors.

At San Cristobal school we celebrated this day with a variety of activities. My 4th grade students wrote stories inspirated in some Edward Hopper paintings.

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Trinity exam is coming!!!


We don’t know when the Trinity is yet. It’ll likely be at the middle-end of May so  we have to  be prepared  for it.

In Pearltress you have a good mind map where you can search everything relared with this exam.


You can also visit the Trinity College website and see some information,  examples and videos.

Here are some videos of trinity examinations (grade 5 and 4) It is very useful to watch these videos to have a clear idea of how the exam will be.

Good Luck

We are in the final!!!!



After all the work we have invested in this project we had our opening ninght the 13th of April and the jury came to judge us yesterday. It was awesome how everything worked. I’m very happy with the result.

PHOTOS  1 in colonial nuggets

 PHOTOS 2 in colonial nuggets

 PHOTOS3 in colonial nuggets

Our own translation and adaptation of “Eloisa in under an almond tree”, Jardiel Poncela’s “Eloisa está debajo de un almendro”, is one of the finalists for the 20th edition of Madrid School Theater Contest. But if you couldn’t watch it yet you’ll have two more chances:

  • 1) Next Wednesday, April 24th at 17:45, The Elsinore Jokers will perform it in front of a live audience and “the grand jury”
  • 2) We will perform it again  in Galileo Theater in Madrid, the 27th of April at 12:00.

Don’t miss them!! You are all invited.

Do you want to see how fabolous was last year? Just click  HERE 

Good Luck to everyone!!! I’m proud of you all!!


Pinwheels for peace!!


It’s been a lot of time without writing anything but I was really busy!!!

January, 30th we celebrated our Peace day and we made some posters and pinwheels inspired in this website,

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Pinwheel template HERE

we also sang this song

21 guns (words)

Download the filling the blanks: 21 guns (words)

Christmas Festival!!!


We have been prepared our Christmas festival for a while and the result was great!! We painted our t-shirts or we decorated them with buttons. We wore hats and sang our songs.  Some of our cool teachers played the guitar as well!!! It was amazing!!

I want to especially thank Alex for playing the guitar and taking the time to prepare our karaoke song and Angel for preparing the loudspeakers and the CD player!!!



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