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Getting ready for Christmas.


We are having our Christmas festival next week and we are preparing everything for that special day.

Here you can practice our Christmas songs with these karaoke videos from youtube.

3rd Grade

4th Grade



Pinwheels for peace!!


It’s been a lot of time without writing anything but I was really busy!!!

January, 30th we celebrated our Peace day and we made some posters and pinwheels inspired in this website,

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Pinwheel template HERE

we also sang this song

21 guns (words)

Download the filling the blanks: 21 guns (words)

Christmas Festival!!!


We have been prepared our Christmas festival for a while and the result was great!! We painted our t-shirts or we decorated them with buttons. We wore hats and sang our songs.  Some of our cool teachers played the guitar as well!!! It was amazing!!

I want to especially thank Alex for playing the guitar and taking the time to prepare our karaoke song and Angel for preparing the loudspeakers and the CD player!!!



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snowmen I lettersnowmen A lettersnowmen M letter          snowmen A letter             snowmen L lettersnowmen I lettersnowmen T lettersnowmen T lettersnowmen L lettersnowmen E letter

snowmen S lettersnowmen N lettersnowmen O lettersnowmen W lettersnowmen M lettersnowmen A lettersnowmen N letter

Happy Thanksgiving day!!


Today we’ve celebrated Thanksgiving by having a special lunch at the school. We watched some videos to remember the origins of this celebration and we also made pilgrim hats and thankful turkeys. The best part of all was when we gathered together arround a big table and we shared and prepared our meal. We had a memorable thanksgiving lunch with sandwiches, candies, cakes, drinks,… We had a lot of fun and we went around the table and each person said what they were thankful for.

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