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Getting ready for Christmas.


We are having our Christmas festival next week and we are preparing everything for that special day.

Here you can practice our Christmas songs with these karaoke videos from youtube.

3rd Grade

4th Grade



Merry Xmas!!!


I hope you had a good Christmas eve night full of peace, happiness and love and I also hope all your wishes came true on

christmas day!!!

Did Santa visit your house?

You know something weird happened in our last drama rehearsal……You want to know whattttt???? Just visit Angel’s blog http://colonialnuggets.wordpress.com







Some pictures made the last day of school. Enjoy them!!!

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We’ve just started our Christmas holidays!!!

I only want to wish you a very Merry Christmas!!!

Stay warm and happy!!!

Reindeer softie

Do you have some extra free time? Try to make these crafts Enjoy them! http://www.activityvillage.co.uk/christmas_crafts.htm

See you on Tuesday, January 8.

Have a restful, safe, and joyful time.

Christmas Festival!!!


We have been prepared our Christmas festival for a while and the result was great!! We painted our t-shirts or we decorated them with buttons. We wore hats and sang our songs.  Some of our cool teachers played the guitar as well!!! It was amazing!!

I want to especially thank Alex for playing the guitar and taking the time to prepare our karaoke song and Angel for preparing the loudspeakers and the CD player!!!



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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!


As soon as the Thanksgiving turkey gets digested, the Christmas lights and trees emerge. Red and green bedeck hallways and stores, Christmas carols fill the air, Cortilandia starts again, The plaza Mayor is full with christmas market stalls,…

During the month of December, there’s no better place to be than in San Cristobal school! This month provides so many opportunities for creative, fun learning as teachers help children prepare for Christmas.
Arts and crafts, decorating, singing…it’s worth taking a bit of a break from the academic rigor maintained through most of the year in order to enjoy some special Christmas activities.
To get the most out of the holiday we made holiday stockings, wrote Santa letters, learned Christmas songs, ate sweets, had “Secret Santa” Gift Exchange and even a delightful festival!!