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The body as a machine


The human body is a machine consisting of many different, interconnected machines. Each machine (heart, lungs, intestines, etc.) runs at its own individual speed, but all function in a specific, predetermined relationship to each other. In this sense, the body is analogous to the most complicated man-made machines, such as automobiles, tape recorders, or space capsules, which consist of many separately functioning components that are mechanically linked together, each of which, in itself, is a complete machine. In fact, the body is the most complex of all such compound machines. But unlike man-made machines, the various machines that make up the body are not in a rigid, inflexible, unchanging interrelation to each other.

Digestive System



Respiratory System


Cardiovascular System


Urinary or Excretory System





How are we? Discovery our body


My students have been learning about the human body. We watched and rewiewed some videos and we played some games I have posted before:

Third grades studied a basic human skeleton and memorized the names of the major bones. They also the different muscles that are attached to bones, which are jointed.

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Learning has never been so easy or so much fun!

Forth Graders learned how the homan body systems function in order to maintain life. Here is one of them: The digestive system. We also made some posters based on the pyramid food.

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  • Build a Body activity: If you would like to construct a human body system-by-system visit  Build a Body activity. Here you can drag and drop into place the organs and bones of a human body. Each organ and bone is accompanied by a description of the purpose of that bone or organ. The systems you can build  are the skeletal, digestive, respiratory, nervous, excretory, and circulatory systems.
  • Healthline Body Maps : provides interactive three dimensional models for learning about human anatomy. Body Maps has male and female models.
  • Bitesize: It’s worthy to visit this place where you can find tons of information about our body.

Enjoy it!!!

SCIENCE EXAM: Unit 2 Food (4th grade)

Remember that your Science Unit 2 test is  due on Monday. That is when we will have the test.
I am available before the exam if you have questions.
Study the  pages 571 and pages 6, 7, 8 and 9 in the science textbook.

Here re some videos we watched in class.

Good luck!! I’ll see you tomorrow kids