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Toledo “City of three cultures”: Gymkhana


Tomorrow we are going to go to Toledo where we are going to participate in a Gymkhana.
Toledo provides an environment for all ages to learn and participate in these kind of games. Gymkana offers a different and a dynamic way of knowing this old city.
The “Gymkhana of 3 Cultures” is a dynamic game where  the children have to discover through historical tracks the location of several historical elements of the city. These elements are related to 3 religious monuments and their history and culture: a mosque, a synagogue and a church (Cathedral).
The children will be divided into groups and each group will be assigned a portfolio with the evidence and clues to complete the activity.
At the end of gymkhana game all children will receive a souvenir and the winning team will receive a special award as a chocolate medals.

Don’t forget your schoolbags, cameras, cups, and water. It will be a sunny and hot day.


Mythology in Art. Museo del Prado field trip


I am finally getting a chance to update you guys on our field trip!

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On Friday we went to the Museo del Prado of Madrid to take a tour, called “Mythology in Art” as we did last year: A morning at Prado Museum.  Our tour was fabulous!  We learned that gods and goddesses in mythology lived lives very much like soap opera stories and they did very bad things.This tour was really good at taking the circumstances depicted in the art and presenting them in ways that were relatable to the kids’ modern lives.  The kids and I are all excited about learning more about these Greek and Roman mythological beings.

Here are some of the paintings. Click on them to hear the comments.

The three wise men!!


Yesterday Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar “The three wise men” came to our houses and left a lot of presents. I hardly could sleep that night I was really nervous, but they were really good (as always) and gave me everything I need and I want.

Do you remember when we draw and sent our letters? I hope everyone be happy with your presents and I see you on Monday.

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Field trip fire department


In our fist field trip we went to our local Fire Department in Santa Engracia for a tour around the station.

Firefighters gave us a tour of the building and showed us a video which explained fire safety. We got to look at all the different types of fire trucks and we got to see how fast Firefigthers put their uniform/gear on, we got to climb through a fire truck, we got to try on his jacket, and we even wore a real fire hat. We had a great time!

After the official tour, they let  kids try out the fire pole and they gave the kids a plastic fireman card and they climbed a rope and played in the gym. That was the highlight for them.

Besides the obvious benefits of fire safety, who doesn’t love dress-up and big trucks? We’ve also found that the firefighters really get into the field trips. They interact with the kids, goof around, give out cards. Everyone comes away with a smile, and new safety information.

We had a great time!!